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Reduced Impact from Running = Reduced Risk of Injury

Would you agree?

Here’s a FREE demonstration of how you can reduce impact from running:

Step 1: Jump up and down gently and repeatedly on the spot.

Step 2: Take a second to think about where you are landing – are you landing on the balls of your feet or your heels?

Step 3: Do the opposite.


Runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, achilles tendinitis, ITBS, sprains and strains all have one thing in common: high impact exercise increases the risk. So reducing the impact will therefore reduce the chance of you suffering from it.


Repeat the demonstration again – and take the time to feel the difference between the two. The impact is less when you land on the balls of your feet, yet when we run, most of us heel strike. Now take the time to imagine that force going through one leg instead of two, just as it would when you run. Is it any wonder that the injuries listed above are so prevalent in runners?

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Running should not be another stress – make running your release.

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