Published On: July 9th, 2024


Yateleys Health & fitness is a small community gym that has been established for 30 years, the main attraction has been the whole culture to make the member feel as comfortable as possible and project a warm, friendly, personal atmosphere. However, there has been a increase in competition as the industry bounces back from the impact of COVID, making it essential that Yateleys offer is competitive to remain sustainable.

With such a major refurbishment planned, member consultaiton has been crucial. Comment cards were located around the gym and there wer conversations held on the gym floor. There has been a reasonable response, and as a result is that we have managed to incorporate the following requests into the overall planning:

  • steppers, stair master plus and additional running machine
  • new flooring
  • Televisions
  • Better ventilation in the gym
  • simple to use equipment
  • bumper plates
  • hack squat
  • more cable machines

Layout and specification

Information taken from member feedback and the experience of our staff has led to the decision to change the layout of the gym. This will create more space more the weights area, which is a space that is increasingly popular and can get very busy. This will lead to reducing any over-crowding and allow the addition of the new multi-use equipment. The decision to move the cardio equipment into the current free-weights area, gives scope to be able to add additional cardio equipment including a new treadmill and Stair Master (a popular request from members!).

Having analysed the usage of the current equipment, we now know that the bikes and rowers are under utilised and so they have been moved to make way for a new cardio equipment area.

The new layout will overall have an industrial look, and the entire facility will be made into a more modern, contemporary gym.

Final Words

After all the background work, research and opnion polls, the overall recommendation is to commission the supply of new gym equipment with Gym Gear on a 5 year lease – their combination of cost, experience, after-care and overal presentation was the best from all companies tendering. This refurbishment sends a strong message that we have incorporated the views and ideas of the community where possible, and the investment is an indication of the committment for Yateleys for years to come. This also forms the basis for a formal relaunch, with the aim to grow the customer base with an exciting offer!

We will be closing the gym to members on Sunday 21st July 2024, and a full gym closure planned from 1pm Sunday 4th August 2024.

The plan is to close for 3-4 weeks, but this is subject to change.