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Cardio Based Classes

Available Classes:

Whether at home or in the gym, BODYCOMBAT™ is the empowering group fitness cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by mixed martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai.

Experience the driving music and powerful role model instructors which make BODYCOMBAT™ the worlds’s most popular martial arts group fitness class.

During this ultimate warrior workout, you’ll strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness. Like all the LES MILLS™ programmes, a new BODYCOMBAT™ class is produced every three months with new music and choreography, designed by BODYCOMBAT™ Master Trainers and mixed martial arts experts, Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham.

When Where Who
Thursday: 20.15 – 21.00  Dance Studio Jenny
Saturday: 10.05 – 11.05  Dance Studio Jenny

If you like the idea of a fitness class that feels more like a night out than a workout you’ll LOVE Clubbercise. Fun easy-to-follow dance fitness routines using rave glow sticks to club anthems from 90’s classics to the latest chart hits taught in a darkened room with disco lights. Because of the high and low impact options Clubbercise dance fitness classes are great if you’re just starting out on a fitness regime or if you’re already a fitness freak!

When Where Who
Wednesday: 20.15 – 21.00  Dance Studio Alex

There aren’t many exercises that can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour. If you are trying to lose or maintain weight and need a high calorie deficit to reach your goals, this static cycling class is going to get you there much faster than virtually any other type of cardiovascular workout.  The effort you put into a spinning class, the more calories you are going to burn. That means the more weight you could potentially lose!

When Where Who
Monday: 06.35 – 07.05  Spin Studio Monique
Monday: 18.00 – 19.00  Spin Studio Chris
Monday: 19.15 – 20.15  Spin Studio Ami
Tuesday: 19.30 – 20.30  Spin Studio Ami
Wednesday: 09.15 – 10.00  Spin Studio Monique
Wednesday: 18.00 – 19.00  Spin Studio Ami
Wednesday: 19.10 – 20.10  Spin Studio Chris
Thursday: 18.00 – 19.00  Spin Studio Ami
Thursday: 19.15 – 20.15  Spin Studio Ami
Friday: 18.00 – 19.00  Spin Studio Ami
Wednesday: 06.35 – 07.35  Spin Studio Monique
Saturday: 09.00 – 10.00  Spin Studio Ami
Sunday: 08.30 – 09.15  Spin Studio Gareth

This class is performed entirely on a unique, high quality, spring-enhanced mini-trampoline with a non-slip surface.  It’s a great activity known for building co-ordination, stamina, agility, balance, rhythm, strength, endurance and overall physical fitness. This unique form of exercise reduces your body fat, strengthens and tones all muscles. It is also proven to be 68% more effective than jogging.

When Where Who
Tuesday: 19.05 – 19.50  Sports Hall Chris

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba®program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.

It combines Latin rhythms and international music into an amazing hour of aerobic fitness that burns up to 700 calories!

When Where Who
Tuesday: 20.15 – 21.00  Dance Studio Hannah